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Santa Paula, California

Our farm is more than just the Leap Lab HQ; it's a 15-acre hub of innovation, a living testament to permaculture, and a testing ground for pioneering educational programs. Within our 4000 sq. ft. Fabrication Lab, ideas materialize into inspiring exhibits. It is here we don't just imagine the future - we build it.

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Santa Paula, California

We are dedicated to igniting a passion for science and nature in Ventura County. Our aim is to inspire its 140,000 students through mobile STEAM programs, engaging exhibits, and immersive fieldwork. In our pursuit to establish a local epicenter, we are searching for a space featuring a dynamic dinosaur collection, an interactive maker space, and a living lab. We champion equitable science literacy, emphasizing accessibility to quality resources for all. Our commitment: making science not just informative, but also engaging and inspiring for every student.

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Lusk, Wyoming

The area surrounding Lusk is globally renowned as the epicenter of the dinosaur discoveries we all know and love, including triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex. Yet, surprisingly, none of these prehistoric giants have ever been preserved or exhibited in their home county. We are determined to rectify this by preserving and showcasing these amazing creatures right here in their place of origin. Our ambition goes beyond exhibition; we are committed to bringing essential science resources to the communities across Eastern Wyoming, enhancing local knowledge and appreciation of our rich, shared prehistoric heritage.

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Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Florida

Equipping our students and teachers with science resources empowers our community to tackle significant issues like food security, energy independence, and climate change. We foster scientific literacy by providing educational programs, circulating exhibits, and facilitating participation in research expeditions. Our aim is to prepare our community members to make informed decisions about matters that directly impact their lives. We believe we can enable effective, collective action toward sustainable solutions through education.

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