A Science Center for Urban Resilience

A Science Center for Urban Resilience


In 2008, two sailors drifted across the N. Pacific to Hawaii on a raft made from 15,000 plastic bottles tied in old fishing nets stuffed under a Cessna 310 Aircraft.  They called it JUNK, and the purpose of the 88 day, 2600 mile voyage was to build awareness and help build a movement to save our seas from plastic pollution. 

A grassroots movement has now emerged and is aligned into massive global coalitions demanding the same things: better waste management and corporate responsibility to make smarter products and packaging.   We do not accept plastic pollution in our oceans, across our land, or piled up in impoverished communities.

But there's a great divide between how industry sees the future and what the movement demands.  This book is not only a story of adventure, but a vision of how we bridge that divide.  It's a story about how we save our seas, and ourselves. 

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COMING SOON!  We anticipate having this 20 minute documentary finished by Fall 2017.  Edited and directed by Chris Jones, the film follows the journey and the back story that led to it.  Marcus Eriksen,  and Co-navigator Joel Paschal and project leader Anna Cummins, demonstrate the necessity of citizens to rise to the challenges before us to save our seas and ourselves.